Streaming: The Musikflatrate as all-round care

Music streaming services offer more than just access to millions of song titles. With desktop software, mobile apps and support for home care services for electronic musical all-round care. The performances of the music streaming services in comparison. Whether via a web browser, a desktop player or mobile – the music streaming platforms available on many devices.The number of available song titles is huge: If you book, a music PC with an available in Germany streaming platforms gets access to ten to 16 million songs. An archive that is difficult to compare.

Also with the price, very little difference can be discerned: a flat rate for the PC costs five euros per month, including use of mobile devices are ten euros due to the 30-day use. Only Music and Sony Music Unlimited fall a little off the grid: When Napster there for eight euros (PC) and 13 euros (mobile) monthly and listening texts, Sony lures for four euros a month with a base access with restricted access to the music library and for ten euros with full access to all services. As the only streaming provider in the field allows Sony to upload their own music on the cloud server.

Desktop software and mobile apps

There are differences of music streaming provider it especially in the extras, such as the net world-table, while all services are equipped with Facebook and Twitter interfaces to share your favorite songs with friends and family, there are terms of desktop software differences: Deezer, Juke, Rara and Sony Music Unlimited rely on the use of a browser. On the other hand, Rdio and Simfy also offer a player for Windows and Mac. The recently launched in Germany can use Spotify on your PC with only one player for Windows and Mac.

Napster also be operated conveniently using a browser, it lacks a player version for the Mac. Clearly, the field splits in mobile apps. Whom calls his own an iPad and want to stream music on your tablet computer, should keep an eye on Deezer, Napster, Rdio or Simfy throw. Spotify, which actually serves many platforms and devices, makes unfortunately not a good figure, because no native iPad App is available. This also applies to Juke. Rara and Sony Music Unlimited coming to iOS users for lack of app support is currently not an option.

Music Streaming: Many mobile applications

The Cologne provider Simfy offers free access to its extensive library of 13 million songs, the use but has recently trimmed to five hours a month. In addition, the user must often advertising accepted. Free to use a web browser or with the free desktop player available for both PC and Mac is possible.

Desktop offers a free desktop player for Mac and PC

The paid rates offer some advantages. For around five euros per month (premium rate) access is possible without commercial breaks, for nearly ten euros a month (Premium Plus tariff)., Also by application via mobile app for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry smartphone Also, let playlists in offline mode retrieve, without internet connection. The quality of the songs in the streaming mode is 192 kilobits per second. Both fee-based rates can be tested free for one month. Subscriptions are terminable at any time within 30 days. If the subscription is not cancelled, the usage period extended by one month.

The methods of payment are between other debit and credit card available. Desktop has some extras on board. The desktop player also allows some access to the iTunes library. The Facebook App users also get music recommendations from their friends, who can take into their own Simfy library. Also gives you even more if needed tips on interesting artists.

Apps are AirPlay-enabled

All music-streaming platforms attract also a free Android gadget. Primarily Deezer and Spotify support older phones. Those who want to enjoy their music on the iOS platform, on not only the Mac, iPhone and iPad, think of all apps in use with AirPlay-enabled receivers, i.e. docks, AV receivers, Apple TV, or network adapters like the Apple AirPort Express. With all the mobile music streaming apps can supply those terminals with music from the stationary Mac must manage with extra software like Airfoil.

Spotify with many additional features

Regardless of AirPlay Napster and Spotify offer the greatest support in the field of consumer electronics. Spotify is about the desktop player appears to set a lyrics when needed and get an overview of recommendations of various music concerts or editors. However, you can get the value-added features only in the desktop version and can only log on with existing Facebook account. In return, the service can also use free. The other has only the German supplier Simfy.

However, you have both platforms in the free version Advertising take into account and may retrieve only a limited number of items.

Music Streaming Retrieve – music from anywhere

Retrieve music from anywhere goes to show you that support mobile streaming services are extremely versatile. Even without Internet access, access to favourite songs with some providers it is possible also.

In contrast to the classical download sites, here are offered the service, which have several advantages. Thanks to the databases with millions of tracks, it is a good chance that the new album of your favorite band is available, without being asked for it to pay.You have to pay to forego the possession of the album.

The suppliers are the only pieces in the streaming method available. If the user titles or albums converted to its archive, there are many services to sync with mobile apps or the web browser for offline use. For this extra service will then, however, the ten euro due. Customary use via a Web browser can be platforms with prices between four and five euros to pay per month. The full access to the database via PC and Mac is free Simfy alone.

However, one must take into account commercials. Many vendors provide a trial period to try out the service. Nevertheless, beware because the sample access often ends not automatic but must be cancelled explicitly. Otherwise, the user ends up quickly in a paid subscription, but is most rapid possible termination. In early September opened the music streaming service Juke its doors, a service of Media Saturn Group.

The offer is not free, but users can try the service for two weeks. Cancellation is not needed – the subscription ends automatically. If you opt for a regular subscription, around ten euros per month will be charged. Alternatively, the user pays for three months, 29.50 euros, 58.00 euros for six months.

The duration depends on the respective subscription period, in case of late cancellation (14 days), the service extended by the selected period. The provider requires a payment by credit card.